Falling in Love at First Sight Possible

From a very early age in life, children are introduced to the concept of fairy tales and as they grow up, the media is filled with stories of love and romance. Soap operas provide the notion that love at first sight is possible, and that individuals can meet for the very first time and within moments of knowing each other, their heads are in the clouds. There are people who argued that this attraction was caused by the heart, while others even dared to say that there are waves in the brain that are responsible for this attraction. The more romantic individuals refer to such people as soul mates meaning that it is the soul that felt the attraction towards the member of the opposite gender. However, with the discovery of pheromones, it is now evident that attraction is not in the heart, nor in the head, but it is all in your nose.

Animals naturally have a more advanced sense of smell than humans, and they can sense food or danger from miles away. Dogs are known to track the smell of humans and it is for this reason that they are so often used in rescue operations. They can even be able to differentiate between two different individuals by their smell. Cats on the other hand love to rub themselves on their owner in order to leave their scent for other cats and to mark the human as taken. Though our senses are not this advanced, they can still be able to sense the most basic scents that helps us to socialize.

Pheromones are produced naturally by all individuals in varying amounts, and members of the opposite sex can be able to sense this through the tissues of the vomeronasal organ in the nose. Signals are sent to the brain which then reacts by making the person appear more attractive. Pheromones perfume have used this concept to create perfumes that contain these pheromones with the aim of increasing the number of members of the opposite gender who are attracted to the person wearing the pheromones perfume.

Since the organ that subconsciously senses pheromones is in the nose, a perfume is the best way to go, and the wearer can literally blow the minds of members of the opposite gender without them even realizing what hit them. As long as one wears a pheromones perfume, they will be able to catch the attention of the men around them, at least in theory.

Scientifically, people are different, and therefore pheromones affect people at different levels, but the conclusive evidence is that they are capable of doing something to an individual that causes them to feel more attracted to the person wearing the pheromones perfume.

Pheromones perfume have other chemicals as well which make their efficiency full-proof, as they contain chemicals that have for centuries been used by individuals from different cultures to stimulate members of the opposite sex. Since human beings were essentially created to fill the earth, we are usually attracted to the individual who exhibits the sense that they are ready for reproduction. It is for this reason that the female pheromones are usually produced in large amounts during ovulation as this is the time when they are ready to reproduce.

Pheromones are usually present in the body fluids of individuals, and members of the opposite gender can be able to sense them through the nose. Synthetic pheromones can be incorporated in a perfume and purchased as a pheromones perfume, or they can be bought in their pure form so that the individual can add them to the perfume of their choice. However, one should not fear as pheromones do not have any smell, and therefore they will not alter the fragrance of your favourite perfume, but they will definitely alter peoples reaction to it.

Pheromone work best when they are present in a certain quantity and any less is simply a waste of time. Therefore, before purchasing a pheromones perfume, it is highly advisable that you check the concentration of the individual pheromones or aphrodisiac in order to vet whether the product will work for you. Most individuals who are sceptical about the power of pheromones were disappointed because they bought a product that was watered down and therefore had an insignificant amount of pheromones. They therefore did not produce any visible results as no individuals of the opposite gender were drawn towards the individual. The standard amount of pheromones should be 5 mg at the very least, as anything less is a rip-off.

Pheromones that are combined with other ingredients in just the right amounts can result in a mind-shattering reaction with members of the opposite gender. Individuals who have used pheromones have testified to the fact that they got more dates, and that those who were already in steady relationships were able to bring the spark back into their relationships. The truth is that pheromones do work because like any other animal, we do have a powerful sense of smell that subconsciously directs us to individuals of the opposite gender. Therefore, get yourself some pheromones perfume and you will have individuals from the opposite gender literally tracking you down in no time.

How to Spice-Up Sex in Marriage

Sex is the central issue in every marriage; every marriage is expected to have a healthy sex life, because without sex, a marriage becomes meaningless. Unfortunately, this subject has ruined many happy homes and left uncountable number of children without proper home training. Marriage is an honorable institution and it is not a place for minors or immature in mind and spirit, rather it is a commitment that only mature minds can make.

Sign of a Healthy Marriage:

Many indicators can be employed in determining the viability of every marriage some of which are:

1. Sex Life: The sexual activity of partners is the most important reason for their coming together, the creators message to man was go and multiply and replenish the earth. There will never be any replenishing if there is no love making. Without Love Making between a man and a woman humanity will be wipe out completely after a while.

2. Buoyancy (finance): Finance is also very important in every marriage without which there will be constant quarrel and fighting between the partners.

3. Religion: The religious life of every partner is also very important; it is advisable for intending couples to settle out their differences region-wise, before they embark on their way to a blissful union.

There are other important factors, we will dwell more on the issue of sex:

Sex has been bastardized by movies industries and entertainers, the sacred institution of marriage will become ordinary outside the premise of good and lovely sex. A husband’s body belongs to his wife likewise that of the wife belongs to the husband. Based on the above it is very vital for women to be in full control of their marriage sexual apparatus, not to the detriment of their husband but to the success of their marriage.

What you should do before Going to Bed (Women)

Look Sexy: Women should endeavor to flaunt their sexual contours before their husband every other night, Walk around the house naked before your husband. This way you draw all his attention to yourself and you will definitely have him for as long as you want.

Transparent Night Gown: Transparent night gown is ideal for passing the message that you are ready for him any time he want some more.

Clean up and Be Neat: Some people tends to allow pressures from work to weigh them down so much and they hardly have the time to do some little clean up like cleaning the private part before going to bed, a man will always adore a neat and decent woman any time any day, please don’t take this for granted.

Make the Move: It is true men make the moves most of the time, why not give him the surprise he least expect by taking him up and teaching him some good sex lessons he never knew you can?

For the Men

Tell her what you know she loves to hear when you want to be in the mood: Women love to be manipulated into love making most of the time; it brings out the best from them in bed, and make them feel love. Don’t fail to always drive her on with the magic you employed during the first three months you guys started dating.

Don’t do this:

Don’t use sex to punish each other when offended

Don’t allow an outsider to know anything about your marriage sex life

Don’t allow distraction to come up when you are about to make love to your heartthrob

Don’t compromise sex for anything with your spouse.

Sex is a communication between a man and a woman using their body as the medium to propagate the messages; it is a sacred act and must be carried out in a manner that is honorable to the Glory of God.

Romantic Advice for Married Couples

Romantic intimacy is a bond that holds partners together in a game called love: Love is truly a romantic feeling. No matter how you look at the word love, one thing continues to come up with the mere mentioning of the word, and that is: Romance.

There can be love without romance in some instance but that is not the angle we are going to explore, our attention is on the romantic side of love. This kind of love is not platonic nor the kind of love that exist between siblings and between them and their parents.

Romantic intimacy is for lovers, it is those men and women who have decided to offer their whole body for the satisfaction of their life time partners. It is for those who have decided to discipline themselves and operate within the confines of the acceptable norms of sexual gratification.

Romantic intimacy entails so many things, marriages faces divorce when intimacy is estranged. Marriages crumble when intimacy becomes expensive and no go area. Marriage is a union and the meaning of union is togetherness, unity, one mind and one mission, one purpose and one vision.

Need for Intimacy:

Understanding: When couples are intimate, they understand themselves more and there is nothing more important in any marriage than understanding.

Causes of misunderstanding:

Some people are not very good in expressing them self, often time, people always get the wrong notion of what they say and yet they are not aware.

Many couples have problems that have to do with misunderstanding. What to Do:

It is always good to know your spouses week point, in other to use discernment in dealing with problems when it does occur.


Hot Tempered: Cool yours down and don’t fall into the temptation of getting hot too; it is a dangerous path to thread.

Bad Communication: Bad communication in marriage is not the same as lack of it, rather is a communication that is not well understood or comprehended not so because the person listening is dull but because the communicator is unable to make sense.

If you happen to fall into any of these two categories, try as much as possible to seek the help of a councilor and you will be school on the art of effective communication in marriage.

Romantic moments: Creating a romantic moments between couples is a very simple yet difficult things for some couples.

Make the Move: Don’t’ wait for your spouse to always be the one making the moves, that will be very selfish: especially the working class ladies in particular, itemize your time so that your romantic life will not be in jeopardy because of your job and professional career.

Express your feelings always: Don’t for any reason hide your feelings from your spouse, your body is your husband’s and your body is your wife’s.

Manipulate him or her romantically: This sort of manipulation is not a negative manipulation, rather it is a way of getting your spouse in the mood for sex, when they least expects it or is not in the mood at all.

Learn to be creative in bed: Don’t choose to be ordinary lovers in bed with your spouse, rather use techniques and styles you have never use before, yes do new things if you expect a change in attitude. You can do the same thing expecting different result. it doesn’t work that way.

Talk while making love: Avoid making noiseless love some times, talk to your spouse during the process of love making, be very sensitive to the way the moan and response to every touch you make, and take notes of those sensitive part of their genitals that make them feel on top of the world. Ask to be taken there if you can’t locate it on your own.

Moderated Sex Life: Sex life moderation is a very important skill in marriage, too much of everything sometimes lead to lack of interest thereafter, so therefore, excessive sex becomes a normal thing and the substance of it will be lost, avoid this and set your marriage on the right track.

i love you so Much: This word should be what it is always, your spouse should be able to know truly that you really love them, and this you know depends on your reputation.

A successful marriage is one that is full of love and happiness and the couples and the children live in unity.

Enjoying Sex in a Marriage

Sex is the ultimate in marriages: The ultimate in the sense that it is what actually defines a marriage the way it is, it gives impetus to the institution of marriage, and it distinguishes marriage from all other institution in a special way. Without good and pleasurable sex life, a marriage becomes ordinary.

Sex can be an emotional act in many instances:

This is very true concerning the female folks, men most of the time just wants sex for pleasure without any emotional attachment. But it is not so for the women, theirs is quite different. A lot of emotions and deep feelings are attached; sex is a means by which a woman rules her world. It is a time where a woman needs complete privacy, a time for her to express herself and showcase what stuff she is made up of.

It is something you can’t deny them; doing so means you don’t care about them either ways. No man wants to be in a woman’s bad book though, but you have to give to creaser what is creaser’s.

The Issue of sex and marriage can be viewed from many perspectives:

a. Sound Mind:

Sex is many things to many couples, I recommend each couple to have their on customized words and action for their sex life. Sex is a mental exercise and as well a physical exercise. A troubled mind will hardly enjoy sex; sex is not for the immature minds. It is the adult’s food. It soothes the mind and calms the trouble hearts.

It is a thing of pleasure, fun and excitement. It makes life meaningful and worth while. After all the hassles, sex heals the healable and mends the mend-able.

It is a food for the mature mind, it has healing power, it has the ability to cure minor sickness, and sex indeed is a physical therapy.

For the benefit to be maximized the approach has to be right and the right approach before any sex life is for a sound mind. Otherwise you will get sapped out of all your energies without any physical or mental gratification after the act.

b. Serene Environment:

One of the reasons why some couples have problems with their sex life is their inability to choose when to have sex and when not, provided there is an understanding between them. The serene environment in this instance has nothing to do with five star hotels kind of environments, rather it the serenity of the hearts of the mind and the woman.

When the heart is willing the body is at the mercy of the heart’s command. Ever feel a burning passion and desire to make love with your spouse and you find out that the environment isn’t ok?

Don’t get offended about that, all you simply have to do is to resolve to the slow gear, it has to do with slowing the tempo down till the right time.

The aim of this post is to expose the tips and advice accordingly on how to have a good sex life in a marriage.

Good sex Life:

The following tips discuss the issue of good sex life in marriage and how to go about it.

Good perspective of sex: Focus your attention to the substance of sex, and see it in the eye of a lover, sex is a good thing and as such should be carried out the way it is for real, anything else is adulteration.

Synchronize your view on sex with your spouse: Women are more interested in the whole of the relationship compare to the male counterparts, please wives, don’t judge your husband for being attracted physically than emotionally, that’s’ the way men were made. They are move by sight more than feelings.

Remain beautiful and sexy always: Most women quickly get tire of doing the make ups the were used to before getting married, may be due to pressure from the home front plus jobs, but in any case, endeavour to still look sleek and sexy , to get his attention at the slightest of sight.

Are you inhibitive to sex?: Many people are in this condition without their knowing it, you just can’t explain why there is no urge for sex, when you feel one, it quenches suddenly before you know it.

If you happen to be in this condition all you have to do is to tell your spouse the way you feel exactly and he will always be there to help you out. Please don’t keep silence about the way you feel to your spouse, it can send wrong signal without you intention for such.

Doctor your Husband on you turns on: Teach your husband how to turn you on, some men are lazy about this, but patient and understand can move mountains where there was one. Once he gets to know your turn on, that may be the joker to a pleasant sex life, and a healthier relationship.

Avoid Boring moments during sex: Don’t allow your love making to be boring, open you mind and sense the atmosphere, when tilting towards this end, know how to reverse the trend, remember, you are on your way up to pleasant sex life, the road might not be so smooth at the onset but with determination, a testimony will sure come out of this experience. Thanks for being there always.

Importance of Sexual Wellness

For millions of men and women around the world, sexual wellness is an ongoing concern that is only now beginning to receive the attention it deserves. There are a variety of health and performance issues that can not only affect a person’s overall well-being, but also affect his or her ability to enjoy intimate relations with a partner. This, of course, can have both physical and emotional ramifications that can adversely affect any individual’s quality of life.

Human beings are, by their very nature, physically intimate creatures. For most, sex is an important part of any intimate relationship. When physical or psychological issues inhibit an individual’s capacity for engaging in normal intimate relations, it affects both partners in the union. Identifying the cause of the issue thus becomes an important part of resolving any performance concerns.

In many instances, physical or emotional trauma can result in an inability to perform. Any type of injury can result in pain or discomfort that adversely impacts a man’s ability to obtain an erection or a woman’s ability to achieve stimulation. Still, emotional trauma can often be even more damaging, since it can result in the development of psychological barriers that inhibit performance.

Age can also play a role in these problems, as can a variety of medical conditions. Older men and menopausal women often find that they experience a loss of sex drive that causes a reduction in the desire for intimacy of a sexual nature. Diseases and the medications used to treat them can have similar effects, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and tension in a relationship.

Sexual enhancement products can help to address these concerns, and can increase libido and performance. Many can even counteract the effects of medication. There are products available for both men and women who want to increase their desire for intimacy and ability to perform. There are even products that claim to be able to increase the size and strength of the penis.

Though many of these products have never received the type of extensive study and clinical trials required for approval by governmental agencies, the vast collection of anecdotal evidence is simply too overwhelming to ignore. Millions of people with performance issues have seen those problems neutralized by libido and potency pills, creams, and devices.

And while many of the products were once considered outside the realm of polite conversation, the diminishing of various erotic taboos has enabled information about the offerings to be more widely disseminated to the general public. That means that people who might have never heard of these solutions in the past now have access to the critical information they need to address many of the most common sex-related concerns.

Given the important role that a healthy sex life can play in any individual’s ability to enjoy a well-balanced and meaningful existence, that is good news indeed. This generation’s acceptance of sex as a natural part of life has helped to ensure that sexual wellness issues are properly addressed and people are free to enjoy every aspect of their own lives.

The Mystery behind Sex Transmutation

The word “transmute” simply means “the changing or transferring of one element or form of energy into another according to Napoleon Hill”. The emotion of sex can be used constructively for the perpetuation of mankind, maintenance of health and transformation of mediocrity into genius through transmutation.

Sex transmutation is easily explained as the process of harnessing and directing the desire for sexual contact into creative lines; into one’s profession or calling and also the art of accumulating riches. Sex transmutation calls for the exercise of will power. This desire for sex expression is inborn and natural. It can neither be submerged nor eliminated but must have an outlet through forms of expression that enrich the body, mind and soul of man.

The emotion of sex may be submerged and be under control for sometime but if not transmuted into some creative effort it will find a less worthy outlet. Man who have accumulated great fortunes and achieved outstanding recognition in art, literature, economy and war where motivated by the influence of a woman.

Wherever there was evidence available in connection with the lines of men and women of great achievement, it indicates most convincingly that they possess high developed sex natures. When driven by emotion of sex, man becomes gifted with a super power for action. Sigmund Feud once said that everything you and I did spring from two motives; the sex urge and the desire to be great.

The human mind responds to stimuli through which it may be connected to creative imagination. The mind responds freely to my desire for sex expression and when this sex expression is directed towards creative imagination, the sky is just the beginning.

A man who has narrated the art of sex transmutation and can increase the intensity of thought to the point where he can freely communicate with sources of knowledge not available through the ordinary rate of thought is a genius. From the bio graphics of certain men, we deduced that sex transmutation is a sole key to the genius which was theirs.

Thomas Jefferson; George Washington, Elbert Hubard; Napoleon Bonaparte, William Shakespeare; Abraham Lincoln. There are so many of them and you can even add to this list those that are still living that you know.

Sex energy is the creative energy of all geniuses. The energy must be transmuted by stimulating the mind so that it can draw on available forces, through creative faculty of the imagination. Though many people lower themselves and misuse this great force to the status of lower animals.

Sex emotion must also be mixed with love to provide calmness of purpose, accuracy of judgment and balance when a man is driven by the emotion of sex alone, he is usually capable of great achievements but he may lack balance, his action may be disorganized and totally destructive. When driven by this desire he may steal, cheat or commit murder just to please a women.

Love is spiritual; sex is biological and no experience which touches the human heart with a spiritual force can be harmful except though ignorance and jealousy.

Women and their Unrealistic Expectations

You certainly know a lot of women who claim to just have “high standards” but in reality their expectations are just plain unrealistic.

That is why many of them are single, and some are unhappy in the relationships that they are in right now. If people want successful, happy relationship then they have to learn to be a little more logical and little less inclined to compare their relationships with the ones in made up, romantic comedies.


1. He has to be a “thug” or a “bad boy” but also nice to me

  • This one really gets me. Sooo let me get this straight…You want a guy who’s a thug or a bad boy but you also want him to be caring, gentle, and kind? You’re crazy. Sure you might get good sex but that’s about all you’ll get.
  • There is no such thing as a nice thug. I don’t understand some girls attraction to assholes. Then you have the nerve to complain to anyone who will listen about how bad he treats you because you had it in your twisted little head that someone who is a bully and a criminal would treat you like a lady.
  • Um, HELLO, if he’s a jerk to everybody else then he’s going to be a jerk to you. You knew how he was before you started dating him. Either leave the relationship, or shut your mouth.

2. He has to have a good job but also spend time with me

  • Sure in relationships people like to be together 24/7 and it’s definitely a plus to have guy with a really good job but chances are, the more money he makes, the more he probably has to work which means less time to spend with you.
  • He can’t serve you 24/7 and make hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Let’s be realistic about this. Understand that the man has to work and don’t be so needy.

3. He has to make more money than me

  • This is ridiculous. You have to have a guy who makes more money than you? Why, so he can be the bread winner? What happened to women wanting to be independent and self sufficient? If you make $100,000 a year or more then good luck finding a decent guy who makes more than that.

4. He better not ever look at other girls!

  • Look ladies if another girl is attractive he’s probably going to look and 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t mean anything so chill out. Heck, if she’s that hot I might even look too. Just sayin. Being insecure will only drive your man away.

5. He has to be just like Edward Cullen from Twilight!

  • Really? Go seek therapy now. Please.

6. He has to be tall, dark and handsome, and basically perfect. Oh and with abs too please!

  • Before deciding what physical qualities your man must possess just ask yourself this first: Am I perfect?
  • If the answer is no, which it better be in case you had any delusions, don’t expect the perfect man. Sure washboard abs would be very nice but what if the guy with abs is a jerk? The older you get, the more you’ll understand that what’s in a persons heart is 1000 times more important than how they look on the outside. Yes, yes, I know you don’t believe me but you will one day 🙂
  • At the most, expect someone who is just as imperfectly perfect as you are.

7. He has to be honest

  • This isn’t exactly an unrealistic expectation of someone but let me explain. Yes, you want honesty in your relationship but that is never going to happen if every time the poor guy tries to be honest with you you rip his head off!
  • The absolute best way to get someone to always be honest with you is to always react in a calm, not crazy way. Use your logic first, not your emotions; no matter how bad the news is. At the same time guys, even if you know your significant other is going to freak out you still have to man up and be honest.

8. Expecting him to read your mind

  • Now I’m sure there are very few ladies out their who literally say “He has to be able to read my thoughts!” But just because you don’t say it doesn’t mean you don’t act like it.
  • How is he supposed to know not to put your underwear in the dryer if you’ve never told him? How is he supposed to know that he upset you if all you do is silently pout about it? Do you get my point?
  • Men aren’t mind readers and neither is anybody else for that matter. If you don’t speak up then you’re just putting yourself through unnecessary suffering. Be direct, tell people what they need to know, and don’t expect your mood or your wants to be obvious to anyone.
  • You have a voice, use it for more than just nagging. If your guy does something by mistake then don’t freak out about it, it’s really not a big deal. Chillax.

Bottom line, don’t expect prince charming to come riding in on his horse to sweep you off your feet. The worse thing you can do is make up a list of exactly what qualities your partner must possess in order to even have a chance. Nobody is perfect and you might just miss out on someone really special by having unrealistic expectations.

Resisting Hair Loss in Women of All Ages

It may sound hard to believe but according to official statistics of the national health institute 35% of adult men and 25% of adult women suffer from genetically determined form of hair loss. These statistics only include the patients with hereditary hair loss also known as pattern baldness. They do not include alopecia areata patients or patients with other forms of either temporary or permanent hair loss not induced by dihydrotestosterone (DHT) effects. DHT is known to be the main culprit in causing hereditary hair loss. This natural metabolite of the male hormone testosterone, which is also being produced by female bodies, is the main culprit in causing genetic hair loss. This discovery was made incidentally in the 1990s in patients treated with finasteride (Proscar) for enlarged prostates. They started growing thicker and healthier hair and a few years later finasteride became approved for treating hair loss in men under the trade name Propecia. This medication became the first hair loss pill ever approved by the US Food and Drug Administration but it is suitable only to male patients. According to the latest research women could also benefit from using this drug but it could have negative effects on their bodies, especially if they became pregnant.

Armed with this knowledge the hair scientists started looking for new drugs that could mimic the activity of finasteride and one day become used for treating hereditary baldness. The second such drug that has undergone clinical testing for treating hair loss is dutasteride. This medication is also known under its trade name Avodart used to treat enlarged prostates. At the moment dutasteride happens to be in the last, fourth stage of clinical testing in South Korea for treating hair loss in men after being subjected to three phases of clinical testing both in the US and in Korea. Dutasteride is believed to be more powerful DHT blocker than finasteride due to its ability to inhibit both isotopes of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase which converts testosterone in DHT. The aim of the Korean study is to confirm this assumption and also to explore potential side effects it could cause to the patient. Similarly to finasteride, this drug cannot be used to treat female hair loss patients.

Female hair loss is specific in that it is diffuse and thus much harder to recognize in its early stage than male pattern baldness. In men it is only follicles on the top of their scalp that are affected by harmful effects of DHT. These follicles gradually lose their ability to produce hair whereas follicles at the back of the scalp and on sides usually remain unscathed and can be used for transplantation to the bald areas. They then preserve their resistance to DHT. In women hair loss is diffuse which means that any hair follicle around their entire scalp can be affected by DHT attacks but it only loses ability to produce one or two hairs but rarely all hairs. So it will always be able to grow at least one hair. However, if seemingly healthy hair follicle is transplanted to the thinner area it can at some time in the future start shrinking and lose one or two hairs so that the efficiency of hair surgery is being reduced. This is the main reason why women do not make very good candidates for hair transplantation. Add to that their inability to use finasteride or dutasteride and you better understand why female hair loss is more difficult to treat than hair loss in male patients.

However, there is at least one drug that can be successfully used for treating female pattern baldness. Its name is spironolactone or Aldactone and it is a diuretic with strong antiandrogenic properties which is being prescribed off-label to treat other health conditions in women such as hormonal acne, hirsutism as well as female pattern baldness. Its mechanism of action is to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT and to block its activity at receptor sites in hair follicles. It is thus a very strong antiandrogen with feminizing effects and can only be used to treat hair loss in women and is unsuitable to men. It is considered as the weapon of the last resort for women suffering from hereditary hair loss and it is usually being prescribed to them only after all other treatments such as minoxidil have failed to deliver satisfactory results. In order to order spironolactone online female patients need to secure a prescription from their doctor.

There is yet one other treatment that needs to be mentioned when discussing the treatment options for hereditary hair loss. Its name is minoxidil or Rogaine and it is a topical application containing either 2% (women) or 5% (men) of minoxidil in form of a lotion, cream or a foam. When it comes to treating female hair loss the foam seems to be the most suitable option (as well as for men) because it enables the patient to avoid possible negative side effects, it is very easy to apply, dries fast and leaves practically no traces in hair. This treatment, however, is not based on counteracting the harmful effects of DHT and it should, therefore, be better combined with one of the aforementioned antiandrogenic treatments in order to achieve the best possible results. One thing that should be noted at the end is that patients are supposed the cover the whole cost of hair loss medications themselves as health insurance companies consider baldness as a lifestyle condition and do not reimburse the cost of its treatment.