Women and their Unrealistic Expectations

You certainly know a lot of women who claim to just have “high standards” but in reality their expectations are just plain unrealistic.

That is why many of them are single, and some are unhappy in the relationships that they are in right now. If people want successful, happy relationship then they have to learn to be a little more logical and little less inclined to compare their relationships with the ones in made up, romantic comedies.


1. He has to be a “thug” or a “bad boy” but also nice to me

  • This one really gets me. Sooo let me get this straight…You want a guy who’s a thug or a bad boy but you also want him to be caring, gentle, and kind? You’re crazy. Sure you might get good sex but that’s about all you’ll get.
  • There is no such thing as a nice thug. I don’t understand some girls attraction to assholes. Then you have the nerve to complain to anyone who will listen about how bad he treats you because you had it in your twisted little head that someone who is a bully and a criminal would treat you like a lady.
  • Um, HELLO, if he’s a jerk to everybody else then he’s going to be a jerk to you. You knew how he was before you started dating him. Either leave the relationship, or shut your mouth.

2. He has to have a good job but also spend time with me

  • Sure in relationships people like to be together 24/7 and it’s definitely a plus to have guy with a really good job but chances are, the more money he makes, the more he probably has to work which means less time to spend with you.
  • He can’t serve you 24/7 and make hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Let’s be realistic about this. Understand that the man has to work and don’t be so needy.

3. He has to make more money than me

  • This is ridiculous. You have to have a guy who makes more money than you? Why, so he can be the bread winner? What happened to women wanting to be independent and self sufficient? If you make $100,000 a year or more then good luck finding a decent guy who makes more than that.

4. He better not ever look at other girls!

  • Look ladies if another girl is attractive he’s probably going to look and 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t mean anything so chill out. Heck, if she’s that hot I might even look too. Just sayin. Being insecure will only drive your man away.

5. He has to be just like Edward Cullen from Twilight!

  • Really? Go seek therapy now. Please.

6. He has to be tall, dark and handsome, and basically perfect. Oh and with abs too please!

  • Before deciding what physical qualities your man must possess just ask yourself this first: Am I perfect?
  • If the answer is no, which it better be in case you had any delusions, don’t expect the perfect man. Sure washboard abs would be very nice but what if the guy with abs is a jerk? The older you get, the more you’ll understand that what’s in a persons heart is 1000 times more important than how they look on the outside. Yes, yes, I know you don’t believe me but you will one day 🙂
  • At the most, expect someone who is just as imperfectly perfect as you are.

7. He has to be honest

  • This isn’t exactly an unrealistic expectation of someone but let me explain. Yes, you want honesty in your relationship but that is never going to happen if every time the poor guy tries to be honest with you you rip his head off!
  • The absolute best way to get someone to always be honest with you is to always react in a calm, not crazy way. Use your logic first, not your emotions; no matter how bad the news is. At the same time guys, even if you know your significant other is going to freak out you still have to man up and be honest.

8. Expecting him to read your mind

  • Now I’m sure there are very few ladies out their who literally say “He has to be able to read my thoughts!” But just because you don’t say it doesn’t mean you don’t act like it.
  • How is he supposed to know not to put your underwear in the dryer if you’ve never told him? How is he supposed to know that he upset you if all you do is silently pout about it? Do you get my point?
  • Men aren’t mind readers and neither is anybody else for that matter. If you don’t speak up then you’re just putting yourself through unnecessary suffering. Be direct, tell people what they need to know, and don’t expect your mood or your wants to be obvious to anyone.
  • You have a voice, use it for more than just nagging. If your guy does something by mistake then don’t freak out about it, it’s really not a big deal. Chillax.

Bottom line, don’t expect prince charming to come riding in on his horse to sweep you off your feet. The worse thing you can do is make up a list of exactly what qualities your partner must possess in order to even have a chance. Nobody is perfect and you might just miss out on someone really special by having unrealistic expectations.