Enjoying Sex in a Marriage

Sex is the ultimate in marriages: The ultimate in the sense that it is what actually defines a marriage the way it is, it gives impetus to the institution of marriage, and it distinguishes marriage from all other institution in a special way. Without good and pleasurable sex life, a marriage becomes ordinary.

Sex can be an emotional act in many instances:

This is very true concerning the female folks, men most of the time just wants sex for pleasure without any emotional attachment. But it is not so for the women, theirs is quite different. A lot of emotions and deep feelings are attached; sex is a means by which a woman rules her world. It is a time where a woman needs complete privacy, a time for her to express herself and showcase what stuff she is made up of.

It is something you can’t deny them; doing so means you don’t care about them either ways. No man wants to be in a woman’s bad book though, but you have to give to creaser what is creaser’s.

The Issue of sex and marriage can be viewed from many perspectives:

a. Sound Mind:

Sex is many things to many couples, I recommend each couple to have their on customized words and action for their sex life. Sex is a mental exercise and as well a physical exercise. A troubled mind will hardly enjoy sex; sex is not for the immature minds. It is the adult’s food. It soothes the mind and calms the trouble hearts.

It is a thing of pleasure, fun and excitement. It makes life meaningful and worth while. After all the hassles, sex heals the healable and mends the mend-able.

It is a food for the mature mind, it has healing power, it has the ability to cure minor sickness, and sex indeed is a physical therapy.

For the benefit to be maximized the approach has to be right and the right approach before any sex life is for a sound mind. Otherwise you will get sapped out of all your energies without any physical or mental gratification after the act.

b. Serene Environment:

One of the reasons why some couples have problems with their sex life is their inability to choose when to have sex and when not, provided there is an understanding between them. The serene environment in this instance has nothing to do with five star hotels kind of environments, rather it the serenity of the hearts of the mind and the woman.

When the heart is willing the body is at the mercy of the heart’s command. Ever feel a burning passion and desire to make love with your spouse and you find out that the environment isn’t ok?

Don’t get offended about that, all you simply have to do is to resolve to the slow gear, it has to do with slowing the tempo down till the right time.

The aim of this post is to expose the tips and advice accordingly on how to have a good sex life in a marriage.

Good sex Life:

The following tips discuss the issue of good sex life in marriage and how to go about it.

Good perspective of sex: Focus your attention to the substance of sex, and see it in the eye of a lover, sex is a good thing and as such should be carried out the way it is for real, anything else is adulteration.

Synchronize your view on sex with your spouse: Women are more interested in the whole of the relationship compare to the male counterparts, please wives, don’t judge your husband for being attracted physically than emotionally, that’s’ the way men were made. They are move by sight more than feelings.

Remain beautiful and sexy always: Most women quickly get tire of doing the make ups the were used to before getting married, may be due to pressure from the home front plus jobs, but in any case, endeavour to still look sleek and sexy , to get his attention at the slightest of sight.

Are you inhibitive to sex?: Many people are in this condition without their knowing it, you just can’t explain why there is no urge for sex, when you feel one, it quenches suddenly before you know it.

If you happen to be in this condition all you have to do is to tell your spouse the way you feel exactly and he will always be there to help you out. Please don’t keep silence about the way you feel to your spouse, it can send wrong signal without you intention for such.

Doctor your Husband on you turns on: Teach your husband how to turn you on, some men are lazy about this, but patient and understand can move mountains where there was one. Once he gets to know your turn on, that may be the joker to a pleasant sex life, and a healthier relationship.

Avoid Boring moments during sex: Don’t allow your love making to be boring, open you mind and sense the atmosphere, when tilting towards this end, know how to reverse the trend, remember, you are on your way up to pleasant sex life, the road might not be so smooth at the onset but with determination, a testimony will sure come out of this experience. Thanks for being there always.