Romantic Advice for Married Couples

Romantic intimacy is a bond that holds partners together in a game called love: Love is truly a romantic feeling. No matter how you look at the word love, one thing continues to come up with the mere mentioning of the word, and that is: Romance.

There can be love without romance in some instance but that is not the angle we are going to explore, our attention is on the romantic side of love. This kind of love is not platonic nor the kind of love that exist between siblings and between them and their parents.

Romantic intimacy is for lovers, it is those men and women who have decided to offer their whole body for the satisfaction of their life time partners. It is for those who have decided to discipline themselves and operate within the confines of the acceptable norms of sexual gratification.

Romantic intimacy entails so many things, marriages faces divorce when intimacy is estranged. Marriages crumble when intimacy becomes expensive and no go area. Marriage is a union and the meaning of union is togetherness, unity, one mind and one mission, one purpose and one vision.

Need for Intimacy:

Understanding: When couples are intimate, they understand themselves more and there is nothing more important in any marriage than understanding.

Causes of misunderstanding:

Some people are not very good in expressing them self, often time, people always get the wrong notion of what they say and yet they are not aware.

Many couples have problems that have to do with misunderstanding. What to Do:

It is always good to know your spouses week point, in other to use discernment in dealing with problems when it does occur.


Hot Tempered: Cool yours down and don’t fall into the temptation of getting hot too; it is a dangerous path to thread.

Bad Communication: Bad communication in marriage is not the same as lack of it, rather is a communication that is not well understood or comprehended not so because the person listening is dull but because the communicator is unable to make sense.

If you happen to fall into any of these two categories, try as much as possible to seek the help of a councilor and you will be school on the art of effective communication in marriage.

Romantic moments: Creating a romantic moments between couples is a very simple yet difficult things for some couples.

Make the Move: Don’t’ wait for your spouse to always be the one making the moves, that will be very selfish: especially the working class ladies in particular, itemize your time so that your romantic life will not be in jeopardy because of your job and professional career.

Express your feelings always: Don’t for any reason hide your feelings from your spouse, your body is your husband’s and your body is your wife’s.

Manipulate him or her romantically: This sort of manipulation is not a negative manipulation, rather it is a way of getting your spouse in the mood for sex, when they least expects it or is not in the mood at all.

Learn to be creative in bed: Don’t choose to be ordinary lovers in bed with your spouse, rather use techniques and styles you have never use before, yes do new things if you expect a change in attitude. You can do the same thing expecting different result. it doesn’t work that way.

Talk while making love: Avoid making noiseless love some times, talk to your spouse during the process of love making, be very sensitive to the way the moan and response to every touch you make, and take notes of those sensitive part of their genitals that make them feel on top of the world. Ask to be taken there if you can’t locate it on your own.

Moderated Sex Life: Sex life moderation is a very important skill in marriage, too much of everything sometimes lead to lack of interest thereafter, so therefore, excessive sex becomes a normal thing and the substance of it will be lost, avoid this and set your marriage on the right track.

i love you so Much: This word should be what it is always, your spouse should be able to know truly that you really love them, and this you know depends on your reputation.

A successful marriage is one that is full of love and happiness and the couples and the children live in unity.