How to Spice-Up Sex in Marriage

Sex is the central issue in every marriage; every marriage is expected to have a healthy sex life, because without sex, a marriage becomes meaningless. Unfortunately, this subject has ruined many happy homes and left uncountable number of children without proper home training. Marriage is an honorable institution and it is not a place for minors or immature in mind and spirit, rather it is a commitment that only mature minds can make.

Sign of a Healthy Marriage:

Many indicators can be employed in determining the viability of every marriage some of which are:

1. Sex Life: The sexual activity of partners is the most important reason for their coming together, the creators message to man was go and multiply and replenish the earth. There will never be any replenishing if there is no love making. Without Love Making between a man and a woman humanity will be wipe out completely after a while.

2. Buoyancy (finance): Finance is also very important in every marriage without which there will be constant quarrel and fighting between the partners.

3. Religion: The religious life of every partner is also very important; it is advisable for intending couples to settle out their differences region-wise, before they embark on their way to a blissful union.

There are other important factors, we will dwell more on the issue of sex:

Sex has been bastardized by movies industries and entertainers, the sacred institution of marriage will become ordinary outside the premise of good and lovely sex. A husband’s body belongs to his wife likewise that of the wife belongs to the husband. Based on the above it is very vital for women to be in full control of their marriage sexual apparatus, not to the detriment of their husband but to the success of their marriage.

What you should do before Going to Bed (Women)

Look Sexy: Women should endeavor to flaunt their sexual contours before their husband every other night, Walk around the house naked before your husband. This way you draw all his attention to yourself and you will definitely have him for as long as you want.

Transparent Night Gown: Transparent night gown is ideal for passing the message that you are ready for him any time he want some more.

Clean up and Be Neat: Some people tends to allow pressures from work to weigh them down so much and they hardly have the time to do some little clean up like cleaning the private part before going to bed, a man will always adore a neat and decent woman any time any day, please don’t take this for granted.

Make the Move: It is true men make the moves most of the time, why not give him the surprise he least expect by taking him up and teaching him some good sex lessons he never knew you can?

For the Men

Tell her what you know she loves to hear when you want to be in the mood: Women love to be manipulated into love making most of the time; it brings out the best from them in bed, and make them feel love. Don’t fail to always drive her on with the magic you employed during the first three months you guys started dating.

Don’t do this:

Don’t use sex to punish each other when offended

Don’t allow an outsider to know anything about your marriage sex life

Don’t allow distraction to come up when you are about to make love to your heartthrob

Don’t compromise sex for anything with your spouse.

Sex is a communication between a man and a woman using their body as the medium to propagate the messages; it is a sacred act and must be carried out in a manner that is honorable to the Glory of God.